We are providing CDN services for a variety of customers and in different industries such as Media & Broadcasters, Telecommunications, Universities, and other institutions.

Our services are the following:

  • Design new CDN architectures
  • Implementing new requirements and adjust existing configs
  • Testing & validation of new deployments
  • Configure CDN for VoD & Live services
  • Configure CDN for backend and frontend services (including APIs)

Additionally, we are providing caching servers for services located in specific continents with poor backbone connectivity. Our caching servers can improve local distribution, reduce the IP transit cost by storing the content or files locally.
Also, all caching servers have analytics engines that can be used to monitor the traffic. Additionally, we are monitoring the servers from a central location and we can deploy updates as well as configuration changes remotely.

With the following URL, you can check our demo caching server by playing content with our HTML5 player. While our caching server streaming the content you can use the analytics dashboard to check the requests.

The CDN service providers which we have experience with are: