Our caching service support analytics and is available via our dashboard to be able to check all the requests of your content. The analytics page is different per user/customer and there is a rotating policy every month. However previous months are available on request.

The dashboard “pulling” the data every minute from the server. Additionally, you can export the data in JSON format which will allow you to import into your analytics engine.

Our analytics page looks like this:

On the top of the page, there is an overall analyzed summary for all the requests. The following list explaining the most important analytics:

Total Requests

These requests are the total requests for the whole month including 200, 4xx, 5xx, etc

Valid Requests

These requests are only the valid ones, for example, 200OK

Failed Requests

These are the requests that failed for some reason

Requested Files

This is the total number of files that have been requested in each calendar month

Tx. Amount

This is the total data that our CDN delivered to your customers

Below the overall requests, you will be able to see more info for your data. Also on the left side, you can change the color, the items per page and the layout of the analytics page.


We can provide a player which can be adjusted to your needs. Our player is very flexible and we can embedded to simple websites (using HTML) or WordPress websites. Below you can see the basic design of our player: