VoD & Live

VOD is video requested and viewed on-demand. VOD is a video asset (along with its associated audio and metadata), delivered to a consumer for viewing at their convenience. VOD can be streamed or delivered as a file for viewing from the consumer’s local device.

Streamed VOD is fairly simple; in the vast majority of cases, the VOD file is delivered in chunked segments to the consumer as they view the content and is ‘buffered’ ahead of their viewing. These segments are only stored temporarily by the consumer’s device and are removed once viewing has ended.

Live streaming is the broadcasting of live video to an audience over the internet. Live streaming needs more resources for the transcoding, good connectivity and a very good reliable backend service.

We have worked with a variety of commercial tools and services for small as well as major broadcasting operators. Our experience will help you to create a cost-effective live streaming service to be able to reach your audience around the world with the lowest latency.

Below you can see the services which we have used for various projects….