VoD & Live

Our customers trust us because of our deep knowledge and experience with VoD & Live services.

Cost Effective

We built our solutions in such a way that it can be very cost-effective for our customers. Please contact us for a quote.

Cloud Agnostic

We have expertise with all major cloud providers such as Google Cloud and AWS.

Content Playback

We can help you to prepare and deliver HLS, SmoothStreamin, Dash content to a big variety of platforms.

Time to market

By using the correct technology will help to avoid unnecessary delays and costs.

Contact Us

We like to answer questions so please don't hesitate to contact us. You can find our email at the bottom of the page.

Your video, Our Service, Anytime, Anywhere!

With our experience, skills and deep knowledge in video contribution and distribution, we can help you to prepare and deliver your content across different platforms to a wide audience. Users will be able to watch high quality video which will help to improve their overall experience.

Our Blog

  • Jul, 13, 2019 - cosmonet - CDN

    CDN Cache and Machine Learning

    The majority of the Internet’s content is delivered by global caching networks, also known as Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). CDNs enhance performance by caching content…

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  • Jul, 12, 2019 - cosmonet - CDN

    CDN Cache Ratio

    This post is about the Cache ration and explains how CDN can cache your content. One of the most common metrics for evaluating CDN performance…

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  • Jul, 12, 2019 - cosmonet - CDN

    Cache-Control Headers

    CDN's job is to Cache the content locally. This can be done with the Cache-Control headers. The headers are: Cache-Control: Max-Age The max-age request directive…

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